AMA Interview with Zachary Mueller | Chai Time Data Science Show

Hello Everyone!

I have another exciting interview scheduled for Sunday evening (12/1/2020) with another great peer of ours: @muellerzr

I’ll be interviewing Zach on the Chai Time Data Science Podcast , the interview will be released in video and audio.

Zach has been kind enough to allow AMA questions and I invite all of the questions here, I hope to include all of them to the best of my abilities.

Here are the themes/questions that I’m interested in asking about:

  • Zach’s approach to learning fastai
  • Fastai v2
  • Zach’s process of dev-ing ideas on top of the framework
  • How to go on working on ideas after completing the courses
  • Zach’s projects
  • The new Fastai Study Group that he will start on the 15th :slight_smile:

I’m sharing these points so that everyone can either include questions from the themes above. However, please feel free to include any questions here.

Thanks in Advance and a huge thanks to Zach for agreeing :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, please feel free to checkout the podcast:

YouTube Channel
Audio Homepage

Best Regards,


Be sure to ask him what he thinks of Thai food…

(He had it for the first time when he visited me in SF :slight_smile: )


I just did a “Soft-Early (Forums only)” release of the video: A walk with fastai2 - Study Group and Online Lectures Megathread

Unfortunately, Jeremy-Zach didn’t remember the name of the dish he had, but it was definitely an interesting story :smiley: