AMA Interview with Radek | Chai Time Data Science Show

Hello Everyone!

I’m really excited to have one of our (I think I speak for the complete family) favourite members of the Fastai family on the show: @radek :smiley:

As you might have noticed, as the New version of approaches, I’m trying to create a collection of advices around “How to do” via the series. (@muellerzr & I talked a lot about this on Zach’s interview, I also intend to talk about the same with The SharpestMinds Team)

With this theme in Mind, I invite any/all questions for Radek. The theme is to talk-more about radek’s way of learning things and refining his approach, his best advice to the future members of the family.


This will be released on Chai Time Data Science Podcast , the interview will be released in Video and Audio & (Later) as a blogpost

The interview is yet to be scheduled, but please feel free to send any/all questions. I’ll announce the deadline to post questions once we have scheduled the call.

Thanks in advance and Thank you Radek!
Best Regards,
Sanyam Bhutani.


Wow great to see that you are interviewing another great hero!

What are you going to do when you interview all the deep learning heroes? :wink:

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