Alpha Go Movie

I just watched the AlphaGo Movie. I think it was the best documentary ever on (any AI Breakthrough as a matter of fact) the Major AI Breakthrough.

It’s really amazing to get a peek into how the cutting edge projects shape up. I really hope we get to witness more such documentaries from the AI community.

What are your thoughts on the movie?


I just finished watching it. I thought it was well done and when they briefly touched the inner working of different nets, it reminded me of

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I think the movie was more focussed on the ‘Human Vs AI’ scenario and DeepMind’s take on it , Vs the general opinion rather than the technical details.

The quote that I loved most was “Alpha Go beat Se-dol Lee and then pushed him to improve even more”

Loved it! Made me think about machine creativity with deep learning. Because with reinforcement learning, machines can go through many more iterations than humans ever could, they don’t have to rely as much on passed down knowledge and can discover things that we would have never thought of because of that.


Loved the 37th move…(God Move)
The 4th game…

Beautiful lines in the movie is needless to mention…

Human Intelligence can’t be beaten by Machine’s no matter what…

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"The machine pushed out the better human moves"
I think that argument was brilliant.

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I think that applies to any other technique as well, not just RL.

I have just watched the Korean subtile version Documentary Alphago 2017 (Korean sub)

It is amazing. AI now performs very well in specific fields.
Congratulations to the DeepMind team.
So with that we did a one more step toward the generalization for the best combination between human and machine (a good human + a machine is the best combination 1:25:05s of the video).


Where can i watch the movie for free??