Alchemy, free tools to help you benchmark and convert neural networks for use in mobile apps

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been building some free tools to help people deploy neural networks and other machine learning models into mobile apps. I’m really excited to share Alchemy:

With Alchemy, you can upload a model and we’ll show you a report about architecture, size, FLOPs, and estimated runtime (inference only) on a new iPhone X. If you want, we’ll convert it to a Core ML model so you can drop it right into your app.

We just support Keras for now (sorry, I know most of you probably use PyTorch these days), but are adding more formats as quick as we can. I’d love some feedback! I’m also happy to answer any questions about baking neural networks into mobile applications.

You can check out some tutorials to get started at


Hi Jameson,

can we deploy pytorch model into the mobile app.