Air gapped computer installation

I’m trying to do a fastai installation on a out of the network computer.

The environment.yml file includes a ton of dependencies and those dependencies include a ton of dependencies.

What is the best way to run the installation from the conda files files or the pip files without the network?

I have a USB drive available on this computer no network of any kind.

Any help ???

take a non-air gapped computer of exact same OS and paths, create a virtualenv there, run fastai install script, then tar this virtualenv folder and untar on air-gapped PC.

Thanks for this
I will elaborate

  1. Look for the folder where anaconda is installed
  2. There’s older with the name envs
  3. copy that folder to the USB
  4. Replace the file in the same place on your “clone” computer
  5. activate the environment.

Good Luck!!