[aiquizzes ] lecture notes + review app in the form of a website

You can find the website here: http://v4.aiquizzes.com/

Currently lecture 1 & 2, more to come soon.

I prepared questions with notes / screenshots / links to relevant parts in lecture recordings and supplementary material

The questions are from the perspective of a person who has taken earlier versions of the course - they might not be as thorough as if they were by someone who is taking the course for the first time. On the other hand, I tried to focus on things that I have noticed people generally struggle with, or which I felt were particularly useful to remember. There are many things you learn from the course and they become part of your workflow. You might not need to be reminded how to reshape a tensor in PyTorch, but you might benefit from memorizing that it is a good practice to always provide the dimension across which you want to squeeze a tensor and why it makes sense to do so. I tried to focus on such pieces of information that can be easily missed or forgotten while remembering them can be very helpful.

Also, a lot of Python’s / PyTorch’s functionality was covered in-depth in fastai v3 part 2 - the notes for these lectures are coming soon and I didn’t add too many questions where there would be an overlap.

The lecture on ethics is material that I have not seen before - a lot of it was new to me, a lot I have never seen presented in this way, hence there will be quite a few study questions there.

The functionality is fairly rudimentary, no password reset for instance - so make sure you set it to something you will remember :slight_smile: In terms of using the site, please check out the howto for some thoughts on how it can be used.

In a nutshell, the idea is to have notes you can review when you have a couple of minutes of spare time, you can jump to a specific part of the lecture, etc. The questions are presented by an algorithm and as you learn (and provide feedback to the algo) the intervals at which you are being shown a question will grow. This is to ideally facilitate remembering with the least amount of effort, the technique goes by the name of spaced repetition. As a side note, I only learned a little bit about how we learn through hanging around the fastai community - it is amazing in how many ways the journey can be enriching.

If you would like to learn a bit more about spaced repetition, here is a short intro in the form a comic (I learned about it from @MicPie, thx again for all the wonderful material you shared with me! :slight_smile: ) Here is a bit of a longer but fascinating read by Michael Nielsen. And last but not least, reading this wonderfully mis-titled book was extremely eye opening and valuable to me.

Anyhow, please share any feedback that you might have :slight_smile: If something does not work I’ll try to fix it though how quickly I will be able to get around to doing so might vary.

Oh and one other thing - the site is not listed anywhere, please do not share links to it as it references lectures that are to stay private for as long as the course is not opened to the general public.


Thank you for another great resource!

It’s good reassurance that I haven’t forgotten much of the material yet :joy:

I just wanted to point out that while signing up, the email confirmation landed in my spam. Not sure if this info is helpful at all but maybe you could display a warning/message?

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Thank you very much Sanyam! :slightly_smiling_face:

Added this note now:



Ooohhh. This is very cool. Thank you for this very nice contribution.

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thx @nchukaobah! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just wanted to give everyone a bit of an update - this weekend I added the functionality where every 3 days the application should send out an email if you have any items that await your review. Not sure yet if that will work in production, I think it will try to send out an email on the 21st, let’s see :slightly_smiling_face: If you wouldn’t want to be receiving these emails, you can disable them from the settings.

Also, to give a quick rundown of how the spaced repetition algorithm works - on a question, until you mark your answer as ‘spot on’, it will continuously cycle through the questions to give you a chance to learn the material. Once you hit ‘spot on’ it will go into the spaced repetition mode of operation on that question, where the review cycles will grow progressively longer, I don’t have the algo in front of me right now but the intervals should look something like: 1 day -> 6 days -> ~15 days -> ~3x days, etc. More than doubling after each interval, but if at any point you start forgetting, not being able to recall the answer perfectly, the algorithm has some fallback mechanisms depending on where in the learning cycle you are.

If something doesn’t seem right let me know, I might be able to make some tweaks to the performance.

Only first two lectures for now but more to come :blush:

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This is an amazing contribution and I can’t thank you enough for that. I studied and learned a lot from the recalls of the site.
Unfortunately, I do not have access to the website anymore, it turns Server Not Found error back.

Is this a temporary issue?

Have a nice day,


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Hi Sena,

Glad you are finding aiquizzes useful! :blush:

I just checked and the site should be available, I can access it without any issues. I am not sure what could be happening there, hope you are able to regain access soon.

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Is this the correct link still? http://v4.aiquizzes.com/

I am not able to access either:

I am able to go to aiquizzes.com, but I’m not sure if that has the same resources or not

Thank you @KevinB for looking into this, appreciate it!

Yes, that could be it! From @sena’s description it seemed to me that the site might have been accessed recently and that suddenly it went down and so I assumed Internet connectivity issues (since it was working for me) but you are right, it might be the URL!

https://aiquizzes.com/ is the same resource, but expanded. For anyone trying to access aiquizzes, please use this link going forward!

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Amazing job @radek!

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Hey @radek the email verification system on aiquizzes.com has not sent anything to my gmail inbox or spam folder and there’s no option to resend the code so I’m locked out. Do you think you could fix this?