AI Saturdays in SF Bay Area

(this was posted in Part 2; re-posting in Part 1 forums)

Are you interested in enhancing your understanding of what we’ve been learning by teaching others? Volunteer for AI Saturdays in the SF Bay Area!

AI Saturdays (or AI6) is a free-to-attend, structured study groups going through materials used in and universities courses from the likes of Stanford, Berkeley, and UCL, covering cutting-edge techniques in AI and deep learning.

These study groups are held every Saturday, with structured materials and sessions targeted for people at skill all levels. Currently over 5000 people around the globe participate.

There was Sunnyvale Chapter, but it’s inactive. I’ve been given permission to revive this chapter. In doing so, I’d like to make this accessible for everyone in the Bay by having activities in SF, and the East Bay in addition to the South Bay.

Anyone interested in helping? Practically speaking, this will probably take a month to setup (including finding venues and sponsors/partners, and setting up social media).

We need people who are willing to:

Mentor: lead and facilitate discussions on lessons or give lectures on relevant work they are doing. Also, helping to prepare the curriculum.

Help with Meeting Logistics: in getting the meeting spaces set up

Social Media Help: in communicating via meetup, facebook, twitter, etc

If anyone is willing to help, let me know the location you are interested in (East Bay, South Bay, SF), what role you’d like to take in this thread. I’ll send out more detailed information this week, and set up a call soon.



Great idea! I am primarily interested in SF or the East Bay. May be helpful for the meetup location, depending on our needs.

I would love to be apart of this. I’m relocating to San Francisco soon!