AI Insight x fastai SF Meetup -- Next is March 18th, 2020

Announcement for this month’s AI Insight x fastai Meetup is now official and look forward to seeing you again, February 19th :slightly_smiling_face:

The meetup provides an opportunity for Insight and fellows, as well as other like-minded AI communities to come together to share and present their work, take part in engaging workshops, collaborate on projects, and network.

Event Details:
When: Wednesday, February 19th @ 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm PST
Where: Insight Data Science, 500 3rd Street, Suite 110, San Francisco, CA 94107

This month’s meetup will start with a fun AI Trivia Game with topics ranging from activation functions to AI memes, followed by two presentations by Baris Ozmen and Ramesh Sampath. Baris, an Insight AI fellow and Machine Learning engineer at LinkedIn, will present his AutoML tool, DeepAugment, for data augmentation. Ramesh, an Insight & fastai fellow and Machine Learning engineer at LandingAI, will present his recent work with Nvidia deep learning robots, Jetbots.
The last hour is for project collaborations, networking, and catching up with cohort fellows.

More details of this month’s presentations, workshop, and meetup are at

The event is currently only shared with Insight,, and a handful of other AI communities for first-hand registration since space is limited (~100)! As we plan on sharing it with others soon, please take a minute to register if you can make it.


Salim Chemlal, John Cocjin, Ruth Schulz, Dave Smith, Ahlad Reddy

Only a HANDFUL of spots left. If you can make it to the Meetup, please take a min to RSVP.
Details and RSVP are at:

This month’s meetup, on March 18th, will start with two inspiring presentations by Dr. Zigfried Hampel and Hao He. Dr. Hampel, an Insight AI fellow and data scientist at In-Q-Tel, will present his recent work with GANs and address a fundamental question: What artificial fingerprints do GANs leave behind? Hao, an Insight and Fastai fellow, will share his deep learning journey, from a novice DL practitioner to winning his first Kaggle silver medal. He will share insights for EDA and preprocessing Kaggle data, model architecture search, ensemble modeling, as well as some Fastai tricks that helped him win the APTOS competition.

This month’s workshop is super hands-on where you get to build a vision emotion classifier with W&B hyperparameter sweeps; it is presented by Weights & Biases founder and CEO, Lukas Biewald.

Details and RSVP here: Event Registration!