After taking the Fastai course, I finally can get into the top 5 in a Kaggle completion without using the Fastai Library and only use the Pytorch library

I think what Rachel and Jeremey said was correct.
You do not need to learn what baseball is about before playing baseball.
You should just get into your feet in the baseball game first.

But I still say I suck on everything. This competition is like 40+ people practicing, so I guess it was an easy one.
I hope I will be in the 5th role forever. I hope it will not have other people to put me in the tail. For these years, I am only in the “tail” of everyone.

Thank you for building this course.


Hey I have not even competed yet! So you’re doing great! :grinning:
To me, each of the things you mentioned is a great achievement: 1. you finished the course! 2. Actually competed! 3. Finished with a top result!

How’s your progress going?