After setting up paperspace GPU, "data" folder is missing from list of directories

Hi all, I am new here. Please move topic if it is in the wrong forum section.

I already used the search button and found this thread:

But I am not sure that it applies to my case - is it simply about downloading that data via command line via Linux OS commands?

In my case, I am just trying to set up my NVIDIA GPU according to lesson 1 of course 1:

As per his instructions at 9:45 in the video, I entered in the command curl | bash, got the following bash shell display, and then restarted my paperspace GPU

But after I rebooted my paperspace GPU, I saw only 3 folders:

According to Jeremy at time 10:30 in the video, there should be 4 folders, with a 4th folder named “data” that is missing from my list.

How do I obtain this data folder and continue following along with his video? Did I do something wrong earlier? Thanks so much!

Hi Joe, I am facing the same issue. Did you find the mistake/solution?

Unfortunately, no, I was never able to resolve this issue. I ended up studying machine learning through other methods…

I left paperspace for google cloud after repeated data disappearances. Try another provider in my opinion

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Thanks for those informations