Advice on creating an own dataset for segmentation


I would like to build a dataset which I would like to annotate in detail.
I am wondering whether some people here have experiences with good software tools to do so.
Preferably software tools who are a bit user friendly and allow to annotate images to use later for semantic segmentation.

I am not sure if it is important but the images are medical, tif and grayscale.

I have fiddled a bit with QuPath, but to me this was far from the easiest software to use and I it was not clear to me how I could use it well to get good annotations and complete (annotating in detail was not really a problem).

Any advice is appreciated.

Ha yes I was going to recommend QuPath… it seems to work reasonably well. ImageJ comes to mind. On the paid side of things I have heard of inForm (Akoya)… haven’t used that one myself.

Have you tried the VIA tool?
Google VIA annotation tool. That’s what we use in my company. Works for us for now

Oh its free and open source too

Ah cool. I’ll check it. I have been playing around with APEER which has a free version and it seems to work pretty well as well.

VIA seems pretty light weight which is cool.

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Nice I’ll check it out.
We use VIA to annotate then we have a bunch of python scripts that generate the segmentation. If you need help i can give you a few examples. DM