Advice for Purchasing laptop

It’s thick as a brick…

Thank you for the suggestions! But I’m getting a much ‘support/aid’ from my college for buying a laptop, which is why I want to go with the option…
I’ve requested the HP Omen from my college on Christmas when they had finally opened the request. Still waiting to hear from them :\

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If you are still considering buying laptop I would suggest getting it from US. Do not ask for shipping. If you know someone in the US who would be coming to India. Someone you can trust and get it delivered to their place in US it would be lot cheaper. You cannot get accidental warranty for Dell laptop but you get premium warranty which can be transferred to India.

did you end up getting this? and do you run Windows or Linux on it

Hi Folks,
Quite a while later, I’ve finally got my Portable CPU (gaming laptop).

I’ve got the HP Omen X 17-Ap045tx (The Link on HP’s website is dead, so checkout the specs below):

i7 7700HK
16 gig RAM
GTX 1070 (Desktop Version)
512 GB NVMe M.2 SSD

I’ll keep updating this thread with reviews and opinions.


Great news Sanyam! :slight_smile: Those are some sick specs - an nvme hdd and a gtx1070!

Does it mean you are back in the deep learning business? :wink:

BTW just out of curiosity I wonder whether it heats up a lot and how loud it is. Also - do you know if it works okay with Linux?

That machine has some crazy specs :slight_smile: Hope you have a lot of fun using it!

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Thank you! :smiley:

Yes Sir, completely. I’m revisiting ML and Part1v2 now, probably a little faster since earlier I had almost exhausted my credits and collab was slow.

Heating is okay.
The fan isn’t loud at normal operations. It stays off during normal usage.

While Playing High req games at 90% usage, the temperatures were 80 deg Cels for the CPU and about 60-70 for the GPU. But that was just for 3-5 hours of gaming.

I’m not sure how it’ll pan out. I’m pretty sure the LED magic won’t be there. (Almost every key has a customizable colour backlight)

I’ll be running the install today.
A 50-50 Ubuntu-Windows Split.

Once Everything is all setup, I think it’d be cool to compare your speed Benchmarks of the NVMe R/W and mine as a measure of a difference in Laptops and Rigs.

Surely! :slight_smile:


I’m almost done with setting the machine up.

I want to publically thank @Ekami for his great help.
I’d definitely suggest his blog post as a single end to end stop for anyone who wants to setup their machine:
Part 1
Part 2

There are a few issues w Win 10 dual booting.
Some random blue screen of errors here and there. And I had to tweak around the BIOS before I could get it up.

I’ve setup CUDA 9.0 (Scared to keep it to 9.1)
FastAI+PyTorch+TF+Keras are easy installations.

Everything runs butter smooth.
First Lesson of DL (part 1v2) is blazingly fast!
On a p2.x-> It would take about 10-20 minutes.
New setup->30-50Seconds!

The only thing left in the setup (Which I really hope to find a solution to) is getting the RGB Keyboard backlight control panel on Ubuntu.


How much did it cost?

Three days down the lane, I had run into issues with the piece.

Apparently, there’s a fault in the Cooling system or the Motherboard. Now I have to wait for the service to either help me with a replacement/repair (Service isn’t great in India-it’s been about 10 days waiting now).

I’d highly recommend to anyone who’s getting such pricey equipment in a country like mine-please buy it from a store, and do shamelessly sit there and run a stress test for a few hours.
Better to be a shameless tester than running into issues later :\

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Sad to hear that man, I hope you’ll get it back very soon :frowning:

They still haven’t responded?

@Ekami Thanks!

@ecdrid They finally did, only to mention that I should wait.
So I had purchased it on 26th April and I’m supposed to wait ATLEAST until 21st May.

Surprisingly HP has the best service in India. I wonder how other companies would have treated my case.

Does anyone have experience and opinion on plugging external gpus into laptops for deep. Learning ?

E.g. for my Mac with tunderbolt can hook on an external gpu:

but would this be used by my local notebooks too and is the effect worth the upgrade (around a 1000 euro) costs?

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@Benudek I’d say unless you’re restricted to a Laptop, it’s better to get a ‘Rig’ Setup.
For 1000 Euros, you could go w a mid-slightly High GPU based rig.

The issue w the eGPU might be that your RAM/Processor might become a bottleneck given that you’re getting a fast GPU.

Also, you might face serious compatibility issues. mac runs os X. Os X doesn’t support CUDA/the latest.
Fast AI is cutting edge which = the latest of every library, that your mac may/may not support.

Great point on compatibility vs cutting edge, that wouldn’t work indeed

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Update on my current situation:
I was supposed to get the new replacement laptop today.
I unboxed it and it was scratched all over. Clearly, it was a used piece. So I denied the piece.

I’ve requested for an actual replacement and now HP has mentioned that it might take a few more weeks/days.

I had paid 3400$ for the laptop on 26th April and since that I’ve been without a laptop.

I wouldn’t suggest HP to anyone for now.
(Sorry to be spamming the thread with these updates, but it has been really frustrating)



Another sad update:
I will have to wait at least until the 31st of May. (I had purchased the laptop on 26th April).

I will now strongly recommend everyone not to go with HP-if anything bad were to happen, the post-purchase service is really poor, you wouldn’t want sleepless nights like me :
I have essentially been without a primary computer for a month.

With the New Nvidia Cards around, By the time I get the laptop-if I get it, the price would have dropped by a cliff’s height.

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Post this on LinkedIn and tag all HP guys and the company itself…,
Let the world know what’s 3400$ worth’s?

That’s really bad service on HP. Can you not return the defective laptop (since it’s only 30 days), get a mostly reliable Macbook and put the rest of the money to work in Paperspace? You might get GPU machine for next 2 years with it?