Advice for Purchasing laptop


My college is willing to grant me a 1000$ laptop (Because of a decent GPA).
I already use a MacBook.
Please suggest any laptop that I should get for Deep Learning. (They are pretty adamant that it should be a laptop since I’ll have to later return it after I graduate)

PS: 1. Yes, I’m aware that the AWS treat should be good enough to get me through the course, but I wish to ask if getting a laptop will be any good for later.
2. My mentor has agreed to lend me his old laptop with a GT-720M, 8 gig RAM, i7-4700K if that’d be any good.

Sanyam Bhutani

I would say GT-720M is a bit outdated and has only 2GB of memory. Somewhere on the forum @jeremy recommended to have at list 8GB. Video cards are pretty thick so laptops with good CUDA video cards looks like you are going to kill somebody with it. Take a look at laptops with GTX 1080 or GTX 1080Ti and reconsider buying PC.

Thank you.
Does [this] ( look good? Sadly, it has a 4GB Vram.
Problem is, I’m not buying a PC, I’m being offered a laptop by my college.
Buying a rig is a little difficult for me right now because of financial constraints.

What about a gaming laptop?
They too have pretty descent configurations…

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From my searching, the best I can get for this price in a laptop would be a gtx-1050

2GB GPU is not much use sadly. 4GB is usable. Look for a 2nd hand gaming laptop with a GTX970, ideally - they can be even 6GB sometimes.


Acer 1060 6GB

ASUS ROG Series :

Hope it helps!



So I should try to get one with more vRAM in general?

Awesome! Thanks.
Although I’m not sure if it’s available in India. :sweat_smile:

Does this look good? It has a vRAM of 6gigs, 16 gig RAM.

Whatever you buy, don’t forget the cooling pad!

Will keep that in mind.

Yes it does. The NVMe drive is a particularly nice touch, as is the ability to go up to 32GB RAM.

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Eluktronics is getting rave reviews on Amazon. Their prices are quite good too. There’s many configurations such as

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Okay I’ll try to purchase this one.

They look great.
Sadly these aren’t available in India, nor do they ship them till here.

Helios 300 Acer…

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I bought a Lenovo Legion Y520. It has 16 GB RAM, intel core i7 2.8GHz and Nvidia 1050Ti GPU with 4GB RAM. It costed me about $1700. I used it to train my convolution networks for a Udacity course and it performed well. Before buying the laptop I was burning up to $300 / month on AWS.


You owe us a picture of your brand new laptop :wink:

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Wow they look totally awesome. You can get an 8GB GTX1070 with NVMe drive - perfect deep learning laptop!