Add hyperlink to page summary nbdev

Hi !

I was wondering if there was any way to add hyperlinks in the page summary in nbdev. When I use markdown link it just gets displayed as is instead of being interpreted as a link. It is not mandatory for me to have a link here of course, but I would fin it handy for my documentation.


Could you tell us more about what your problem is? Normally any markdown link is properly converted when you build the docs.

Markdown links are correctly converted everywhere except in the summary of the page. The part that goes like:

# Title
> Summary

In the summary, markdown links are showna s plain text instead of being converted into hyperlinks.

Yes the summary isn’t interpreted and converted, it can’t have any links (except maybe direct hmtl code).

Just tried it with html, it makes the whole title disappear. The summary is correctly added in the jekyll front matter but then the presence of double quotes after href makes it bug (as they are special character for YAML). So I just escaped them and now it works! Thanks for the advice :smile: