Add a requirements.txt?

It would help a lot to add a requirements.txt including all required python libraries with versions.

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Here is a list I gathered so far, please feel free to add more:

  • keras
  • tensorflow-gpu
  • theano
  • pytorch
  • torchvision
  • cuda80
  • bcolz
  • xgboost
  • gensim
  • keras_tqdmtop
  • image
  • word2vec
  • pillow-simd
  • gensim
  • MayaVI
  • pydot3
  • graphviz
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Even though I have pip install gensim, notebook is still complaining No module named “gensim”

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Same thing here! I looked for answers but until now I haven’t found any.
One thing that I checked is whether gensim is listed on pip freeze, if not it is not enabled on your environment yet.
In my case it was already there, so I don’t know where to go now

Are you making sure you are using the pip version corresponding to the python version?
Perhaps try “pip3 install gensim”.

Thanks @snagpaul I just found the solution actually.
My problem was solved by this link
(I am using google cloud, not AWS)