Activity: How students & professors can act together to reduce the crunch of masks country wide

I am writing this mail as a concern for the rising COVID-19 pandemic and what can we do as alumni & students.

As discussed by @jeremy and @rachel in yesterday’s lecture regarding COVID-19, face masks are very important but, as masks are more primarily needed by doctors and medical staff at the frontlines in combatting this pandemic, it is very likely that many people won’t have access to masks.

I suggest a small activity that can be created by all professors for their students enrolled in their courses (as this is the mid-way of the semester as well) with the following features:

  1. All students come up with building their own cloth-masks at hostels (while abiding by social-distancing rules, instead of buying new ones from medical shops). This is supported by the fact that even a normal cloth mask can help in checking the spread of this pandemic (as @jeremy discussed in the lecture)

  2. Assign some small extra marks to this assignment so that students find the motivation to do it and everyone does it.

  3. The students can submit their photographs of masks created to earn extra marks and spread awareness.

I am involving extra marks here because as a student I can tell that almost every student loves extra marks and this might become a source of motivation for them to do it.

This will also help reduce the crunch of masks in medical stores in the coming days and create safety measures.

It will also set an example of how education students and all students can contribute with their acts in combating this pandemic & how a small personal act can spread awareness.

These are desperate times and I could not resist myself from sending out this idea to you all with the hope that anything that might help combat this pandemic is necessary.

It is my humble request. If this seems like a wrong path please forgive me.

Thank you & Stay Safe. also stating very similar research on using masks

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