Active learning

(Kousik) #1

Hi all,

I would like to know has there been any research on active learning in the area of NLP @jeremy ur thoughts could help.

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(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #2

I’m not aware of any, but I haven’t looked into it. Maybe @anamariapopescug would know…


(anamariapopescug) #3

hi - there is research on using active learning for various NLP tasks, yes. Do you have a specific task (or area) in mind ?

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(Kousik) #4

Yup classification of docs.


(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #5

That’s a rather… concise description :wink: Could you provide more detail and background?


(Kousik) #6

Ya sure… so the objective is to minimize the number of documents humans hav to label. Which means the system needs to lesrn while the humans are labelling and paralelly check its prediction accuracy and have a confidence measure that needs to be really high if humans were to accept the machine’s labels.

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(anamariapopescug) #7

hi, i’m happy to check on this for you. will let you know what i can find - there’s definitely active learning work you can repurpose for this in any case, i’ll dig up some things.


(Kousik) #8

Thats awesome looking forward to it!!


(Laavanya) #9

@anamariapopescug Any luck on this?

I am looking to implement active learning for text classification/image classification where instead of re-training manually after a period, we allow the model to learn from manually tagged data as and when the tagging is being done. Is there a way to do this currently?

@jeremy, your suggestions on this?