Accessing Train.csv through 'ls' python command

When I try to access ‘fastai/’ , it just goes to the files under ‘old/fastai/’. Why that happens and how can I change that ?

there must be a symbolic link called fastai that points to the old fastai

check out the new repro course -v3 and fastai/fastai.

if you need to change a symbolic link the just search the internet for “linux symbolic link”

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“Since fastai-1.0.1 release in Oct 2018, fastai-v1 is now the main code base inside fastai git repo . The fastai-v0.7 code base has moved to the old/fastai directory inside the same repository. And there is a symlink that points from courses/*/fastai to ../../old/fastai so the notebooks under courses/*/*.ipynb currently still work with the v0.7 code base.”

The above is from this link “Fastai v0.7 install issues thread”.

Does that mean when we follow the instructions , it is already symbolic link to the old/fastai directory? That’s why when I access with ‘ls’, it just reach to ‘old/fastai/’ ?
Thanks !

when you follow the new course repro “course-v3” then you must use fastai/fastai.
So fare i had to set up the symlink from course-v3/nb/dl1 to fastai