About the Study Groups 2 category

Many fast.ai students have found that they stick to their study plans and understand the material better if they study together with a group. Such a group can be virtual (hangouts/skype/etc) or in person. It could be folks at your workplace, a meetup of people in your local community, or just other students from the forum that are in your approximate time zone. We’ve seen all of these models work well.

Note that if you want to create a study group at your work place, you probably don’t need any official buy-in from management or HR - just book a room once a week and tell your friends to come along! Although if it gets popular, you may find there are people wanting you to make it bigger and more official. :slight_smile:

If you want to create an in-person study group for people in your local community, you may find meetup.com works well for finding people and getting organized. Also you can check whether there is already an AI Saturdays group near you.

If you are looking to join or start a fast.ai study group for Cutting Edge Deep Learning For Coders, Part 2, look here to see if there’s one available, or create a new thread if you wish to start a new one. You can use your study group’s thread here to provide updates on when the next meeting is, what you’re working on, etc. (We suggest editing the top post so that this information is always in that one place, as well as adding replies with that information so that thread subscribers are notified.)


It looks like Part2 Study Groups is locked(?).
I guess it would be good to open it to public, so that MOOC student can start/join study group without creating another thread.

Thanks for letting me know - fixed now.