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Hi @Jess, we conducted the re-streaming session over Zoom yesterday, and it went perfectly. There were no major issues. We simply started a Zoom webinar (normal video call should also work), and played the YouTube video on full screen on the host laptop.

@aakashns That’s great news! I’ll use Zoom for the re-streaming then, too.

@jcatanza What’s the TWiML Study Group schedule? I saw the poll, but not the selected date/time. Maybe I missed it posted here… thanks for the Zoom tips, especially about hiding the URL and audio settings.

Hi @Jess the study group times are Sundays 8-930AM.

@jcatanza I must have misunderstood- I thought you streamed it to the study group already. But, you probably meant last night “in real time”.

Yes. We will re-stream tomorrow night 6:30PM - 9:00PM PST.

Hi @jcatanza and @aakashns.

Thanks for you messages.
I would like to use Zoom both for recording video on my own and for live class as well.

For theses 2 cases, I would like to:

  1. put my face in the right corner like Jeremy
  2. share my screen
  3. be able to write my own comments on the videos (like putting a link) during the recording or after
  4. authorize or not writing chat during the recording
  5. authorize or not video chat during the recording
  6. put the video on youtube at the end

Do you have any howto guide about that? Thanks.

Note: I am looking for free solutions. I think the most important thing for me so far is to record videos like those of Jeremy and upload them after (or at the same time) on Youtube. Not sure if I need Zoom for that, but an online video editing tool, right? (I have a logitech camera: can that help?)

Hi @pierreguillou

Not sure if you’re already aware of this, so please do not take offense: please note that under the permissions offered by Jeremy, we can re-stream the lesson video within a day or 2 of the live class, but we cannot disseminate electronic copies of that video to people who haven't received an invite to join the class from Jeremy. I think it’s vitally important that we respect Jeremy’s wishes about the intellectual property that he is graciously sharing with the community.

That said, I think the free version provides most of the features you are looking for, except the “picture-in-picture” window.

The best way to understand what’s available is to sign up for Zoom, then set up a test meeting and spend a few minutes to explore the meeting environment:

  • Controls that are available to you can be found in the Settings:Meetings tab
  • In the Settings: Recording tab, check that Local recording is selected, but if you are re-streaming Jeremy lesson to an audience that includes “uninvited” folks, be sure to uncheck the box Hosts can give participants the permission to record locally

Hi @jcatanza. You are right to focus on this point from Jeremy’s post:

Please don’t share the video links at all. But if you wish to re-stream to a study group that you are carefully managing, and where people have to sign up for access (so not just anyone can connect any time), then you may do so.

As the course is not officialy released, I understand why we can’t share the video links - even to our local study group - and then, I looked for a simple solution. This is the one I thought about and would like to receive a validation from @Jeremy in order to use it here in Brasilia (thanks in advance):

  1. I download into my local laptop the lesson video from Youtube in mp4 by using for example, SaveFromNet (as an option, you can download the English autogenerated subtitles in srt by using for example, Google2SRT and following this HowToDo guide, or even savesubs which is an online service).
  2. I upload to my Google Drive the mp4 file (as an option, you can associate the subtitles file to the video file by right-clicking on the video file and choosing Manage caption tracks).
  3. I open the Share >> Advanced menu (right-click menu on the mp4 file in Google Drive), select Private and the 2 following options:
    Prevent editors from changing access and adding new people
    Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewersacess by email
  4. Finally, before clicking on Done, I copy/paste emails members of my local group in the Invite field.

Note: Google Drive needs some time in order to process (prepare) the video to be watched (about 10 ou 15 mn).

With this process, only members of my local group can watch the lesson video and nobody of my local group can

  • see the Youtube url of the original lesson video
  • download the lesson video (only watching by streaming can be done)

I think this process follows the rules (Jeremy?) but there is a problem: I need to know all the emails of the members of my local group but I do not (we use Telegram as canal de comunication). Therefore, I would like to use another sharing option in Google Drive (Anyone who has the link can view) and send the link to the members of my local group with the warning: “You are not allowed to share this link with anyone.”.

Is it possible?

Note: I will use Zoom for teaching my own class but I do not need it to re-stream the whole lessons videos I think.

I’d much prefer you had a scheduled re-streaming time that everyone watched at the same time. It just gets too complicated to manage when saved videos get shared. Thanks for checking!

… yes but that means that the members of the local group (in my case, the students of the University of Brasilia) will have access only once to each of the video lessons. As we know from previous fastai lessons, watching a video once is not enough.

This is why I looked for a solution (see my howtodo with Google Drive) both to respect your rules (not to share the url of the videos, to make only streaming) and also to satisfy the needs of a university course (to have access to the contents of the course).

I hope there is this possibility (unlimited access in streaming without showing url) to use the videos to local groups. Otherwise, I do not see how to use the fastai course before its official publication in July.

@pierreguillou Seems the book’s content is very similar with the lessons. So we are advising to read and check out the book in the meetup, so people can go over the material several times.

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I have a question. Where one should create a topic in the forum for a study group where we have people with fellowship and without? For now all our discussions and shared materials are staying within the slack, which is not really good for knowledge sharing :sweat_smile:

top left you choose the 2020 category, under which you have a Beginner (the material covered by Jeremy) and Non-beginner section(for stuff not yet covered). :slight_smile:
After that you can create a new topic(top right) (first probably to a quick search to see if it is already has a topic )

A week ago I found a link on here that allowed me to watch a class I had missed the next day. I can’t seem to find any youtube links to the classes being streamed now. Anyone know where those might be?

@rbunn80130 You’re looking for this thread: Official Part 1 (2020) updates and resources thread


Hii everybody,
I’m about to start ML for coders course and was wondering if there is a new ML for coders course coming up for fastai2?


HI @AjayStark, the upcoming Fastai course1-v4 includes much of the material from the ML for coders course, so you may want to wait. Meanwhile, consider joining the

TWiML Hands-on Machine Learning Study Group

Meetings: Sundays at 10:00 AM - noon Pacific Time, starting with an orientation on June 7th. We’ll meet in a Zoom chatroom created by TWiML especially for this group.

Textbook: Hands-On Machine Learning, with Scikit-Learn, Keras and TensorFlow 2nd. ed. 2019, by Aurelien Geron . Cost is about $45 on Amazon, and is a small price to pay for the opportunity to experience this textbook – which provides a thorough introduction to state of the art techniques in machine learning as of 2019 – in the environment of a weekly remote study group.


Mastering the material in this book is an ambitious undertaking – it’s a long-term project. There are 32 meetings (not including the orientation), ending on Feb 7th.

The idea is to draw on the amazing expertise in this community and have rotating meeting hosts, one person hosting all the meetings for each chapter.

I invite you to write yourself in on the schedule for any chapters you’d like to host!

To participate in this study group,you will need the Zoom invitation. Join TWiML to get an invitation to TWiML Slack, then join the channel #hands_on_ml and you’ll find the Zoom invitation pinned at the top.

Special thanks to Sam Charrington for making this study group possible!

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Hii @jcatanza, that’s great! Thanks a lot for the invitation to the study group :slight_smile: :smiley: