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If you’ve missed it, good idea to “watch” this thread, since all the official announcements will be there. Pretty sure that it’ll get updates as we go along.

As you’ve probably noticed from past courses, a lot is developed up until, and during, the course. So we’re never able to provide a program up-front.

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Ah then you should remove the titles. No course yet has followed the same structure as any previous course, so I doubt this will either.

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Oh. I’m sorry. I’ll do it right now.
edit: Done. Wait for a few minutes please, to show the changes up.

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Thanks Suvash. I put the “Watching” alert on this thread :slight_smile:

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About the study groups:

This year we’re trying something new: we’re opening up fast.ai Live to allow all participants that wish to do so to host study groups.

Here’s how it works: if you’d like to organize a meetup for other folks in your town, club, or workplace to get together and watch the fast.ai Live stream together, or the recordings (no more than 24 hours after the live stream, please, so you stay up to date with the discussions), then you have our permission to do so.

Hi Jeremy. You have given your permission to use fastai v2 videos in a meetup even with people not registered here. Thank you so much!

A question: do you authorize the use of these videos as material in a Deep Learning course at the university? The reason for my question is as follows: the fastai v1 material is already used in some university courses and in Brazil, the first semester begins in March. Therefore, it would be great to use the new course and fastai v2, not the old ones.

Yes that’s generally fine, but we would look anyone who’s charging money to use our materials to contact us first to ensure they’re being used appropriately.


Thank you for your answer. In the case I mentioned, I thought in particular of a DL course at the public university of Brasilia. With your answer in hand, I will contact the university staff and get back to you with more information.

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WOW!!! Super Excited!!! Thanks a lot @jeremy This post actually made my day… so sorry for replying late as was super duper busy in many things on personal and professional level.

Thank you for the invitation! Although it is not feasible for me to attend the live streams, I will definitely watch the recorded sessions. Will the new course be based on fastai2? It would be very helpful to have advance info on setting up the environment before the course begins. Cheers!

Great to hear, what a buzz: I’m in, can’t wait.
Peter Kelly

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for fastai Live if we miss the live stream will we get access to the you tube video only in July or will it be uploaded the same week?
Thank you :slight_smile:

We’re going to start in two weeks!! Can’t wait :grin:

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Hard luck for me.

I de boarded my plane last second.

I hope I get to meet Jeremy someday. :frowning:


Hi. I see that all notebooks are already online and seem to be the sames as the fastai v3 ones (2018) but updated with fastai v2. My question: does it mean that the logic of the course will be the same?

(slide from the fastai course Part 1 2019)

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No, the course will be based on this: https://github.com/fastai/fastbook


We were planning to run a weekly in-person watch party and study group in Bengaluru, but due to Covid-19, we have now decided to do it online. I’m sharing our approach below, hoping others may find it useful.

Here’s what we’re doing:

  • We’re announcing a recurring event on our Meetup & Slack groups, for each week’s virtual study group, and collecting signups (limiting it to ~100 people).
  • Every week, we plan to re-stream the lecture video over Zoom to the virtual study group (without revealing or sharing the video link)
  • We will collect the questions from the group, and post them to the official forum thread here after the lecture ends.
  • We will have another Zoom call over the weekend, where we’ll review & discuss the material from the lecture, give others an opportunity to showcase what they’re working on and share answers to the questions that were posted.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome! :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone, since the course is about to start, I’ve “soft-released” (for the fastai family) my interview with Sylvain.

If you’re curious to know more about the course, the book and fastai2, check it out here: https://forums.fast.ai/t/ama-interview-with-sylvain-gugger-chai-time-data-science-podcast/62103/5?u=init_27