A simple, linear learning path?

I’m not referring to machine learning here, but rather us humans learning about deep-learning :slight_smile:

What I mean is, for people with somewhat limited time available, is there a linear path through this course?

I see a spattering of (no doubt excellent) material spread across the discussion forums, wikis, lesson-notes, assignments, and the main lecture-videos (which themselves refer to other videos, such as the “surprise lecture 0”, etc). For example I was overwhelmed when I looked at the course-wiki for Lesson 2, with its pointers to the Stanford course, Nielsen’s book-site, etc. All of this additional material is in fact awesome, and worth exploring, but it does take a considerable amount of time to explore.

From a pedagogical standpoint, it would be great to have a simple linear sequence of “main” material to read/watch/practice, with other materials designated as “optional”. The benefit is that someone with a relatively limited amount of time can follow the “main” sequence and get a sense of daily/weekly progress, and can explore additional material if they have extra time.

It may be just me but I’m not clear on which materials are the “main” materials to go through. For example is it possible to only go through the Lesson videos and do what is assigned in those? If so, the above comment can be dis-regarded I suppose.

Thank you for this great course @jeremy!