A New, Automated Way To Upgrade fastpages

You can now upgrade fastpages with a few clicks!

See the instructions here

Please feel free to make a PR for anything that can be clarified more. Teaser screenshot of the docs linked above:


Clarification on the automated update process:
I made a fresh new fork of FastPages and didn’t tinker around with it yet. So when I try to upgrade the repo, the bot throws an stating

An error occurred when attempting to open a PR to update fastpages. See the Actions tab of your repo for more details.

I believe I followed the detailed steps provided & came across Step 3 where its mentioned that the upgrades might throw an error if the repo already updated.

So I was wondering if my repo is already up-to-date as I’ve made a fresh new fork from the template anyway.

I just needed clarification on it.

Git Authentication error while trying to manually upgrade through Powershell:
Besides, I stumbled across some git authentication errors while following the steps detailed - [2020-03-02]: [How to sync fastai/fastpages with forked FastPages] #163. I believe this was caused due to Windows 7 and SSH being very clunky on the OS. So should I create a separate thread for it?

What’s the error in your actions tab? You should try to look at this error and debug if possible, often times the error messages are very helpful. Also, it is a good idea to share the error message from the Actions tab, and also include a link to that error.

Did you setup your new repo with the setup instructions in the README?

Also if you are setting up a template for the first time, you do not need to upgrade as you will naturally have the most up to date version of everything. It is probably easiest for you to manually copy and paste your posts from your old new repo to your new one. However, again it would be helpful if you provided more details regarding your error, the error message, etc.

A helpful checklist for getting help with fastpages, please provide:

  1. Steps to reproduce the problem
  2. A link to the notebook or markdown file where the error is occuring
  3. If the error is happening in GitHub Actions, a link to the specific error along with how you are able to reproduce this error. You must provide this in addition to the link to the notebook or markdown file.
  4. This will help expedite troubleshooting: the A screenshot / dump of relevant logs or error messages you are receiving from your local development environment. the local development server as indicated in the development guide

So I just forked a new repo from the template afresh and yes, I’ve followed the setup instructions in the README.md.

Hence, it’s not possible to recreate the error anymore but I’ll keep a close eye and will investigate further if the issues arise again. I’ll make sure to keep logs & screenshots for easier debugging, the next time I come across any of them.

No worries! It’s likely that the fresh method of copy and move is less prone to errors involved with manually resolving conflicts (which I hate)

Submit new issue is not triggering the Pull Request. Actions tab shows “No jobs were run”

@travis can you provide a link to your repo?

@travis You highlight a case where that I didn’t think of, where you are not using the repository under your user name.

I had to refactor the upgrade script to accomodate the additional types of permissions you may have on a repository

So for this kind of change, I would suggest creating a new template and copying everything over. Sorry about that.

If you are curious what the workflow file looks like for upgrades: https://github.com/fastai/fastpages/blob/master/.github/workflows/upgrade.yaml

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Got it. No problem. Thank you so much for your quick response. ! I love the fastpages repo. I can use it in so many ways.

I submit the Automated Upgrade issue but receive the following error: The set-env command is disabled. Please upgrade to using Environment Files or opt into unsecure command execution by setting the ACTIONS_ALLOW_UNSECURE_COMMANDS environment variable to true. For more information see: https://github.blog/changelog/2020-10-01-github-actions-deprecating-set-env-and-add-path-commands/.

My repo is in here.

GitHub recently made a breaking change to Actions, so you will have to copy and paste the contents of the .github/ folder of fastpages to your repo. that should take care of the problem