A Few Inconsistencies In The (Lesson 1) Documentation

First let me say, I love this course. I’d worked through Andrew Ng’s old coursera course because I like the theory but I really didn’t know much about which of the new tools I could use to implement what I had learned.

But I’m finding some parts of the site that provide insight on how to complete the course (or at least the first lesson) are slightly inconsistent to the point where I’m confused.

In the Lesson 1 Homework Assignment we’re told to “make a copy of the lesson 1 notebook”. But in the How to Use The Provided Notebooks section, we’re told “Do not copy and paste the needed code. Instead, type it out yourself…” Is the homework assignment a completely different thing from what’s being instructed in “How To Use The Provided Notebooks”? Perhaps, I’m being pedantic but I need to know if I’m doing this correctly.

In the Lesson 1 Notebook there’s a section called “Create a VGG model from scratch in Keras”. Jeremy doesn’t go through this in the video. Am I supposed to go through this or is it just bonus?