A bit of fun: Best Error Messages!

We all get errors… But sometimes… we get real doozie s for various reasons.
putting aside the reasons and the answers, i thought i would share two errors i have received and hopefully make some people smile…

One day i was searching as to which editor i wanted for python
and in this case i was looking at pydev… but i had other editor plugins in Eclipse and i wanted to know whether it would interfere with the others (eventually i went with spyder and jupyter and only have visual because it was needed to install gpu stuff, and never use it.

so i type into google: does pydev interfere
and of course instantly google sends a single suggestion: interfere with birth control
who knew? not I…

this i got from fastai this morning
’daemonic processes are not allowed to have children’
[some of us would say of course not! but is it a moral answer or a programming one?]