403 forbidden error (can't connect to kernel)

When I try to run Jupyter notebook on college network I can see the notebooks but the notebook is struck on connecting to kernel.
The terminal of the paperspace machine shows messages similar to those in the below image.But it works fine when I use mobile data for the same purpose.

Possible reason: My college only allows traffic through port 8080 and 443.
Question : When I remotely connect to jupyter notebook do I also need traffic permission on port 22 and 8888 on my own machine ?
In case of both yes and no How can I solve the problem

How the image was generated : I made an SSH connection using mobile data, started the jupyter notebook then used my college connection to connect to Jupyter notebook, on being struck again connected my laptop to mobile data to get the messages from paperspace machine

Saw this post hoping to see a response but no dice. This issue appears to be due to permissions of the api (thus the path), and I’m unsure how to alter those as well.

Actually when I updated my conda environment on GCP recently the problem solved. Anyhow when I was trying to search about the problem it seemed it has something to do about websockets and proxy. Hope it helps.