2023 Study Group India/Pakistan/etc (~GMT +5:30)

Hello people :grinning:!

Anyone from South Asian regions like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. looking for a weekly study group? Let us create one!

I have toyed with the lessons and sort of partially browsed through them to get a general idea of the course and am planning to start from Lesson 1 and study deeply understanding the NBs, experimenting, reading the textbook, all that kind of stuff!

It would be lovely if we can discuss things and learn together. Let me know.

Hey @theaeonwanderer , did you start or join any study group? I am interested in being a part, please let me know.

I didn’t join anywhere. Let’s do it.

Are you free today in the evening/night time? Let us join on Gmeet for a intro chat. What to do you say?

Hey Wanderer, I have messaged you asking for the details, let’s connect soon.

@theaeonwanderer How can I join study group? I just started today. Would love to join.

Hey @sheryConcepts and @Sehaj!

I have had a few setbacks lately and wasn’t active for the past weeks.

I was wondering if we can re-connect on this matter and create a study group if you guys are still looking forward to it.

Ping me on theaeonwanderer@protonmail.com. We can try to set up a G-Meet on some mutual day and time.