2020 Lesson 2 / 02_production 404 : Not Found - Starting Binder

Hello, I have deployed my notebook and its related files into my github repo:

The binder compiled and created the model with no error, but when opening it gives the following error:

# 404 : Not Found

You are requesting a page that does not exist!

(click the launch binder logo to run the binder.).

Thank you for your help

have you been able to get around this problems?

No. I left it for now!
Thanks for your reply

Having the same issue.

I had similar issue. I fixed it through adding code to debug (print statements, except block) and deploying many times.

In my case, the issue was with loading the exported weights from .pkl!

While training, I had used a custom function while creating DataBlock and while loading it back, if that custom fucntion is not defined, it throws an error!

You can check commit history here on my repo and you may get a better idea.

Knowing this thread is already a new months old: I had the same problem, and summarized my solution here: https://github.com/chrwittm/Bear-Detector/blob/main/How_to_re_create_the_Bear_Detector_App.ipynb