101 callback, help needed

Hello AI geeks!

I am trying to use one_cycle_policy and hopefully some of the callbacks later on. However I am getting this error:

Any idea what is wrong?


I’m on my phone right now so I can’t check easily, but my guess is you’re using fastai v0.7 (the version used in the current MOOC) and you try to use fit_one_cycle which is a v1 method. But I’m not 100% sure fit_one_cycle wasn’t implemented in v0.7 (if it’s not used in the course notebooks you can be pretty sure it does not exist in v0.7).

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Thanks Pierre,

Yeah that is true my fastai versin is 0.7. Now it seems that if I upgrade to fastai v1 i won’t be able to use current MOOC notebooks(or at least i would have issues with it, or maybe I am wrong?). Is there any way to have them both? one for learning one for experimenting?

the main reason that made me to use fit_one_cycle is when I read some of the forums thread about callbacks.
What I would like to do essentially is to be able to save accuracy and loss measurements of each epoch (epoch =100) to create learning curves, and then save the best performing model for later use.
is there any way to conduct this in fastai 0.7? to my understanding you can use call backs only via fit_one_cycle.

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The 3rd version of the MOOC that’s done with fastai v1 will be released quite soon I believe. In the meantime you can find the v3 notebooks here (under course-v3) that you can use.

Thanks Pierre!