01_matmul.ipynb? time function?

Hi, when running time function in Colab, there always is an error show up:‘error: trailing closure passed to parameter of type ‘UnsafeMutablePointer<time_t>?’ (aka ‘Optional<UnsafeMutablePointer>’) that does not accept a closure
time {

Why? and how to fix it? thanks.

Hi lbt

The function time is defined in notebook 00. This is exported and then imported into notebook 01. I think you have not imported 00 into 01

%install-location $cwd/swift-install
%install ‘.package(path: “$cwd/FastaiNotebook_00_load_data”)’ FastaiNotebook_00_load_data
import FastaiNotebook_00_load_data.
In the short term just copy the text from 00 to 01

Regards Conwyn