Study Group in Krakow-Poland

(Gaurav Desai) #1

Hello fellow learners,

Anyone from Poland- Krakow, who is interested to form a study group ?

(sergii makarevych) #2

Me :slight_smile:

(Gaurav Desai) #3

Hey Sergii…lets connect sometime if you want to :slight_smile:

(Jacek Filipczuk) #4

I am located in London, so probably could join your study group :slight_smile: let me know!

(Piotr Czapla) #5

Will Wroclaw work for you :slight_smile:?


Hello / Witam!
@sermakarevich @piotr.czapla @Gaurav85 @Jacek
Will you be interested to join online study group ‘po polsku’? London, Krakow, Wroclaw will work fine then! We can use zoom or similar for a weekly online meetup.

Regards / Pozdrawiam

(Gaurav Desai) #7

I am in for the study group :slight_smile:
But I am a beginner in DL and Python/Pytorch so don’t know if i fit in.

Currently,I am practicing the lessons and Pytorch tutorials.