International Fellowship applications for Part 2 now open

(James Birchfield) #64

Boo, only just now realized I missed the deadline.

If anything opens up, can we be put on a wait list maybe?

(Aman) #65

Just read the acceptance mail. Thanks @jeremy and @rachel for this awesome opportunity.
BTW, I’m a CSE undergrad from India. And it’s 7 in the morning for me. :slight_smile:

(Vijay Kumar) #66

Hi @jeremy ,
Same mistake I also did… I have resubmitted the application.
please add me to the fellowship program.

(Vijay Kumar) #67

please let us know when I will get notified.

(Sritanu Chakraborty) #68

@jeremy @rachel I came to know about this fellowship today. However if there’s a spot I would love to be a part of the Part II course. I have mailed in details about my background and experience in DL to .

(Jeremy Howard) #69

Sure, if you send something to the fellowship email address before tomorrow.

(Aditya) #70

Can the participants locations be revealed,
Just like the previous one so that we can plot them on a World Map…

(Chris Palmer) #71

I’m in - rejoining my classmates from Part 1 and lots of new people - what a great opportunity and thanks so very much Jeremy and Rachel ! Thank you!!! :sweat_smile:

(Thundering Typhoons) #72

I have sent it to the right address. Thanks.

(WG) #73

I will see you all there as well!

Being part of the international fellowship has been one of the things I’ve most looked forward to this year. Getting that acceptance e-mail feels like getting into Stanford.

For those of you who don’t get in, don’t fret. My first run through fastai was through the MOOCs and the content was just as good, if not better, because most errors were corrected and there were a litany of students readily available to help out on the forums. There is plenty in part 1 to mull over again and again (I’ve probably watched each video/lecture 2-4x).

To @jeremy and @rachel, thanks again for what you do and providing me the opportunity to learn and pass what is learnt down to others!

(Vikas Bahirwani) #74

I got in too. Thank you @jeremy and @rachel .

Looking forward to studying Part 2 with all of you.

(Vikas Bahirwani) #75

Please let me know when @rachel and @jeremy reveal participant locations.

I would like to get a study group going.

(Vikas Bahirwani) #76

@jeremy @rachel - I am curious about how many (percentage and raw numbers) applicants applied and were accepted?

Would this be something you would be open to sharing?

(Clayton Yochum) #77

woah, good catch…looks like I did this too

(Ramesh Sampath) #78

I don’t think it’s worth knowing this other than to boost our own Ego. We are all learners here, so let’s be grateful for this opportunity. I for one don’t want to know those numbers.

Also, we should try avoiding tagging people with @ as much as possible unless we are stuck and they are the only ones that can help. Hope this is useful.

(Vikas Bahirwani) #80

@ramesh - thank you for your opinion. That certainly is one way to look at it. My intent is NOT to boost my ego. :slight_smile:

Please allow me to explain: My curiosity comes stems from the fact that I have been asked this by other people interested to apply. And these numbers could encourage them to go forward (and not be intimidated). Knowing that there are many learners (good word choice by the way) in the same boat is encouraging.

That said, I am very much grateful for the opportunity - it is unfortunate that someone would think otherwise.

As per your second comment - point well taken. I believe, Jeremy and Rachel would be the only people that could answer the question if they chose to.

(Ramesh Sampath) #81

Thanks for the clarification. I am really sorry if I offended you. I agree that everyone here is totally appreciative of this opportunity. Looking forward to being a fellow learner in part 2. :slight_smile:

(Vikas Bahirwani) #82

Oh no not at all. I appreciate that people are open about their opinions.

No apologies necessary. And looking forward to being fast ai 2 buddies :slight_smile:

(Vijay Kumar) #83

Hi @Jeremy,
I am still not received any response, I am desperately waiting for this program…
please include me too in this program.
I have already resend my application yesterday.

(Jeremy Howard) #84

I only received your application 11 hours ago!..