International Fellowship applications for Part 2 now open

(Vijay Kumar) #85

Thanks @Jeremy… Earlier I send it at wrong email ID now I have corrected the same.
Hope I will be part of the program too.

(chunduri) #86

what are the topics that will be covered in part 2?

(Ramesh Sampath) #87

Last Year Part 2 is a good place to get some idea. Jeremy posted a Blog on this for last year’s part 2 -

Regardless of the curriculum, we will be learning SoTA (State of The Art) methods to solve the problems and that’s super exciting.

(Rohan ) #88

Got accepted too, thanks a ton @jeremy and @rachel !

(Sanjiv Soni) #89

Looking forward to learning from @jeremy and @rachel. Thanks !

(Aditya) #90

I believe people shouldn’t tag using @ now and then…

(Seema Goel) #91

@init_27 thanks these iCal files working best for me :slight_smile:

(Aditya) #92

Is the image correct?

(Walter Vanzella) #93

Received the email, accepted. Thank you Jeremy ! super excited for this ‘advanced’ course. I’ll procure a good quantity of coffe, for me is at 03.00 am.

(Sanyam Bhutani) #94

I really hope that Rachel takes up a few lectures this time.
Time didn’t allow her to take the intended lectures for Part 1 :frowning:

(Suvash) #95

Any pre-checks that we should be doing for the first lecture ? (eg. setting up an AWS machine, … etc.)
So excited !

(Vikas Bahirwani) #96

Good question. I would like to know this too.

(Sanyam Bhutani) #97

Here’s my plan:
Do a Lecture-Marathon this week (instead of Netflix xD)
Spin up a few AWS spot-instances and try to replicate the NB-s of the lecture videos.

Try to skim through the ML ones.

(Vijay Kumar) #98

Hi @jeremy,
I am still not received any update, please let me know status on the same.
I am desperately hoping that i will also get the acceptance mail.

(Davide Boschetto) #99

Check the spam folder, I think most emails have been sent already!

(Sharwon Pius) #100

Received the email.
Jumped up in excitement.
Read through the mail, which asked me to fill a form as soon as possible.
filled it in 3 seconds, hit enter.

Realised … I made a mistake while filling my username. Agony started to kick in. Cursed myself two times. :expressionless:

Written an email back, with apology :slight_smile: . @jeremy , @rachel hope to accept it.

(Sharwon Pius) #101

Anybody here from Bangalore, India. Willing to meetup during the weekends, and dig deep into the material. Let me know, cause, we already have an active meetup taking place.

(nczx98w3.nsaonw3) #102

Thought there are alot of applications, I wonder if there is a email confirmation for the filled form? or how we know the setup is :ok_hand:???

(nczx98w3.nsaonw3) #103

I think it is correct, because it is more like a subset or a set of specific things… or…

(Vijay Kumar) #104

Hi @DavideBoschetto,
I have checked in Spam folder as well … I haven’t got there mail.