International Fellowship applications for Part 2 now open

(Patrick Mccaffrey) #43

Confirmed from NZ too :smile:

Excited to dive into Part2 with you all

(Saurabh Jha) #44

Thank you so much… Even i received the email…

(Sanyam Bhutani) #45

I’ve created the calendar events for the international fellowship streams.

Here, are the iCal files.
I’ve set the timings to be 6:30-9PM every Monday until April 30th.

(Even Oldridge) #46

Very excited to return to this again. I’ve been working my way through last year’s lectures and I’m looking forward to all of the new insights, tips and tricks, and to connect with another amazing cohort of deep learning adventurers!

(Thundering Typhoons) #47

Hi @jeremy,

Just realized that I sent my application to the wrong address (To Could you please (please, please) add me to the fellowship? :slight_smile:


(K Sreelakshmi) #48

Got the acceptence email. Excited to continue learning more DL while being part of Part2! Thank you!

(Lean Louiel A. Peria) #49

Acceptance email received, thank you Jeremy! One student from the University of the Philippines Diliman here~! Looking forward to learning with you guys ^^

(Carl Earvin Yu) #50

Acceptance email received! Thanks @jeremy. I’m curious about the geographical distribution of the students too.


I am so happy :smiley: This is happening again and I get to be a part of it :slight_smile: This is beyond amazing. Enormous thank you to the powers that may be that made it possible for me :wink:

Ahhh this feels great :slight_smile: looking forward to an amazing couple of weeks!

(Jeremy Howard) #52

I can. Please re-send to the correct address so I can sort it out :slight_smile:

(Vibhutha Kumarage) #53

This google calendar trick will help you to convert PST times to your time zone.

Click on TIME ZONE and change it into PST


(Vishal Pandey) #55

Nice …

(Vishal Pandey) #56

Yipee… I got mine too…
Really excited …:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

(Aditya) #57

Just confirmed that I have also got it…
Very excited to again Meet all my friends and Jeremy Virtually…
Also happy that the forum will again become
Pro active

Enjoy Deep Learning

(Tanat Tonguthaisri) #58

@ahmadarib Yep, from Thailand and got the opportunity as well. :wink:

(Nitin Patil) #59

Received acceptance mail… Tons of thanks to Jeremy and Rachel for this golden opportunity.

(devarajan perumal) #60

Received my acceptance email. Thank you @Jeremy and all. I am from Malaysia btw.

(Suvash) #61

Sweet !

(Vijay Narayanan Parakimeethal) #62

Hi Jeremy

I had also sent my application to I have now resubmitted to the correct email. Request you to consider me as well.

Vijay Narayanan

(Aleksandr) #63

I am so excited. Can’t wait.
I am from Russia, 6-30 PM PCT is 4-30 AM for me =)