International Fellowship applications for Part 2 now open

(Suvash) #23

Am I correct that the acceptance emails aren’t sent out yet ? (Must be one tough job to select from the pool.)

(Rob H) #24

I haven’t seen anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t hear for another week or so. I think the course just keeps getting more and more popular.

(srinivas) #25

Just got an email.

(Maureen Metzger) #26

yup, just got one too!!!

Very excited!

(Sanyam Bhutani) #27

Me too. :smiley:

(Ahmad Arib) #28

also got one, yeay!
@xxx one confirmed Southeast Asia student here, from Indonesia, how about you? you got the chance man?
hey @init_27 shoutout from your audience in Go-Jek HQ some weeks ago here! haha.

(Jeremy Howard) #29

Everyone should have received an response by now. If you haven’t please check your spam folder, since in the past sometimes they seem to end up there.

International fellowship 2018 part2
(Nafiz Hamid) #30

Just got mine. Excited for learning the new things in part 2!!! :smiley:

(Pablo Valenzuela) #31

Excelent!! … confirmed from Chile! :blush:

(Kshitiz Rimal) #32

Yep… got it :slight_smile: …looking forward to it :slight_smile:

(Vibhutha Kumarage) #33

Yes…!! Got it… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

( #34

thank you so much!

(Sanyam Bhutani) #35

Hello classmate! :smiley:
Glad to be learning along with you @memetzgz :slight_smile:

( #36

Wah I got one, @ahmadarib also from Indonesia :grin:

(Mandar Deshpande) #37

Even I got one!
Excited to start with Part 2 :smiley:

(Tanat Tonguthaisri) #38

I have received the acceptance email.

Thanks very much to Jeremy, Rachel and the team for this opportunity. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Aseem Bansal) #39

Got one too. @jeremy How many applications were received?

(Aseem Bansal) #40

Is there a google calendar for the timings? Otherwise converting time manually between timezones will be a hassle.


Looking forward to the course! Apart from Part 1 vids, any good resources one can use to brush up on PyTorch?

(Seema Goel) #42

I got one too.
Many thanks, Jeremy and Rachel for providing this opportunity.
Happy and Excited.Congrats everyone :slight_smile: