Hey there, it’s me Riccardo and I am on a mission to hack intelligence and open-source it.

I am a data scientist, entrepreneur and self-taught software engineer. I specialise in building tools based on machine learning and natural language processing. I enjoy building stuff and getting my hands dirty with the full stack.

I value understanding, discovering and sharing knowledge. I think this enables lifeforms to develop with more awareness of where they could go or what they might encounter. I love seeking these truths and share them. This drive took me through a wonderful journey via economics, Chinese, applied mathematics, decision science and machine learning.

When I learned more about computing, I found not just knowledge to discover but also things to build that could help other entities - natural and artificial - to learn knowledge themselves. Ever since then, I dedicated myself to the field.

Professionally, I design, develop and deploy machine learning products in industries such as government, logistics and retail.