Wiki: Life in SF, In-Person Course Tips

I just did (btw I also only attended the course online and not in person :wink: )


Also curios If there will be live stream online version of the new course like last year.

Nothing has been announced or decided about a live stream online version.


@init_27 If you haven’t finalized on the accommodation details, you can also check for temporary accommodations at I am not sure about the SF region, but there are lot of postings about accommodation in my current city, Austin. Look for sub-lease or temporary accommodation posts.

Also, if you find time, do travel outside the city as well. There are lot of National parks around California that can offer breath-taking views.

Good luck with the course

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Co-working spaces seem very expensive here in San Francisco. If NoiseBridge works that’s great, but if not, and if you don’t have to meet clients face-to-face, I would try to work where you sleep. The public libraries are another option, though can be crowded. If you can get a cheap data plan for your smartphone, that may make your remote working much more feasible. Anything that Data Institute can offer during the face-to-face course would be paradise.

USF is generally open throughout the course, IIRC - although it’s worth checking with the USF folks about that.


Thanks all! I’ve updated the wiki to add:

  • The livestream details are yet be decided/announced.
  • Suggestions for Co-Working spaces.
  • Although I’d also be interested in meeting new people in SF (culturally new) If I make it so I’m not 100% sure if I’ll go for this. I’ve lived around Indian folks all my Life :smiley:
  • To Populate: Places to visit on Weekends and Meet-ups to attend in evenings/weekends.

@jcatanza Could you please share any suggestions for websites/how to scout for these?

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Luckily, I’ve already had the opportunity to have :tea: with you :smiley:


I am curious about the Visa options, is it possible to attend the course on a tourist visa? I am not sure if I’d be allowed a B1 and I really don’t want to miss out the course because I didn’t get a visa.

Yes, I believe that’s what most people do.


I am searching for this info but failed finding it earlier. @init_27 Thank you so much for sharing the information (I follow your talks and it’s very exciting that I’ll be a attending class along with you). I am from Hyderabad (India) and I too got registered for the upcoming course.I am very excited, that I’ll be meeting amazing people, @jeremy(one of my recent inspirations) and many more amazing and enthusiastic human beings. Can anyone please throw a light on, with which visa can I be able to come and attend the course and also work part-time to fund my expenses as I’m really worried how to manage my fund.

@jcatanza Yes please, I also would like to know this. It would be of great help to know the information about boarding with some reasonably budget housing option. Can anyone please share any information on this regard.

There are a number of websites listing rooms for rent in San Francisco; here are a few. And don’t forget craigslist.

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Has anything been decided yet? I did the fastai-v1 course and found it amazing. Since then I have used fastai successfully for work projects mostly in medical imaging. I would love to partake in the fastai-v2 course as well.

Yes - invites have been sent out to the most helpful forum participants. If you didn’t get an invite, don’t worry - it just means you’ll need to wait for the MOOC release!

@Rares Meanwhile, if you can’t wait to checkout the new library, you can enjoy Walk with fastai2 by Zach which should give you a thorough understanding of the the framework.

I’m a unofficial TA :tea:, Feel free to @ me in the thread linked above :slight_smile:


Anyone knows if it’s possible to attend the in person course as a free auditor?
I can be in SF for a part of the course but maybe not until may 5, plus I don’t fullfill any of the prerequisites coding experience described in the USF apply form.

No that’s not possible unfortunately @Brainkite

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@Brainkite I could suggest a soft alternative: I’m reaching out to many great meetup organisers and requesting for their huge help, we intend to talk all about fastaiv2 and work on problems. Anyone would be welcome to join those-I’ll create posts or share info once I reach SF.

Alternatively if anyone reading this knows great meet-ups that would allow me to drink a lot of chai and present, please point me to them. Thanks!

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