Where to find the 2017 Deep Learning Part 2 Jupyter notebooks?

I just started the 2017 DL2 course and unfortunately I can’t find the corresponding notebook files. The most recent version of the fastai library contains the 2018 DL2 course notebooks, but unfortunately the videos for that aren’t released yet.

Looking through the git commit history I tried to find a commit that still has the DL2 2017 notebooks, but couldn’t find it.

Where can I get the 2017 dl2 course notebooks? Hope I am not missing anything obvious …

Hi @bbrandt,

You are in the wrong fastai git repository. Here’s the correct one and direct link to the notebooks that you are looking for: https://github.com/fastai/courses/tree/master/deeplearning2

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Thanks so much! Yes those are the files I was looking for. Makes a lot of sense now. Just in case anyone else finds this thread: The https://github.com/fastai/courses repo was last updated in 2017, so all of last year’s course files are there. The courses directory in the fastai library has the most recent (2018) version of the course files.

Precisely :wink: This issue came up very frequently because of the different parts and versions of the Deep Learning course. Many get confuse by it and fall into this trap easily. This is not all, I have seen in another case where learners viewing the wrong version of the videos expecting to learn PyTorch but end up learning Keras. Yikes!

I think, it’s time to update the FAQ thread in the forum to includes the correct link to the appropriate repos like the following:

There is currently two Deep Learning courses available online (as MOOC):

1. Deep Learning Part 1: Practical Deep Learning for Coders

2. Deep Learning Part 2: Cutting Edge Deep Learning for Coders


@cedric. Iam not able to get the pascal.ipynb for object detection. Where can I get that?

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My original post is outdated. Unfortunately, I cannot edit the post. Here you go: pascal.ipynb.

Iam sorry. Iam new to this community. Thanks for the link