Welcome to the 2022 fast.ai course!

It’s been a while for me - thanks for including me this time!


So happy to be invited back here for another glorious fastai cohort and see so many familiar faces!

For those of you who don’t know me, I started my DL journey in 2016 & first discovered fast.ai around 2017-18, have been hooked ever since! Jeremy & Rachel are simply the best at what they do, they are complete saints not just in ML/AI research & teaching but also during the COVID outbreak they offered valuable insights as a guiding light in a sea of noise from the media.

I started out as a failed entrepreneur, when I was down & out fast.ai came to the rescue now I am happily a full-time AI Engineer developing DL algorithms for early cancer detection & prevention!

I am truly honored to be here and will always keep coming back as long as I am welcome. Here’s to lifelong learning :slight_smile:


:wave: James ! Nice to see you here.

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