Welcome to Part 1 (v2)

can you provide some resources on it ?

There are some good RL courses freely available. David Silver’s RL course is the classic one (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pWv7GOvuf0&list=PL7-jPKtc4r78-wCZcQn5IqyuWhBZ8fOxT)

There’s a course on deep reinforcement learning (http://rll.berkeley.edu/deeprlcourse/) that looks great but I haven’t gone through it yet.

Finally there’s a nice github project (https://github.com/dennybritz/reinforcement-learning) that has implementations for a lot of the popular RL algs.

I remember reading a lot of good blog posts/tutorials but I can’t find them now. If I do I’ll add them in.


Nice sources, thanks @satya

Google GPU offering seems to be very slow compared to Amazon’s ec2 for the same price.

A story in pictures :slight_smile:


May I suggest adding link to the ‘how has your journey been’ thread to the post as well?

Good idea.

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@Jeremy, I’ve another suggestion: nurture.ai is hosting Saturday meet ups and they’d be discussing Fast AI course during the meet ups as well- you can link it here to help people seeking communities or cohorts to learn together with (They are running sessions across all the major cities)



Thanks a lot Jeremy! I was waiting for the second release a lot. George

In addition to David Silver’s and Berkeley’s AI there is a new course by MSFT and EDX https://courses.edx.org/courses/course-v1:Microsoft+DAT257x+3T2017/course/. They have some problems with course’s internal website… for some reason the site is not working. You need to go to Discussions tab where they pinned one post about how to reach each module :slight_smile: and start from there. You have a lot of labs and course is really good.

Then there is another new RL MOOC on coursera, https://www.coursera.org/learn/practical-rl, which starts now and which will have some interesting and tough PAs (at least in other courses of this AML specialization they did have good programming assignments).

Finally Berkeley has the class that combines Deep Learning (mainly for learning representation and RL and they publish videos every semester with programming assignments and everything. Just google it.

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@init_27 do you know if they’ll be studying the new course, or the old one?

@jeremy We were waiting for the public release (I’m a volunteer and will be helping in organising the meetups in my city).

So v2, if it’s okay with you? Or should we wait for the final release? The community has grown to 2k+ members in 2 weeks-so I wasn’t sure if I should share about the release with everyone yet because it’s a soft release.

Definitely should be v2!



We’ll be starting with the v2 meets on every ‘AI Saturday’ meetup from 6th of January onwards. (A lot of the ‘Ambassadors’ or organisers are international fellows)

As of now, there’s a confirmation of meetups (on this Saturday) in Singapore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Karachi, Los Angeles, Guwahati, Jakarta.

We hope to bring the meetups to full throttle across all 61 cities very soon.

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I am from Bangalore too, the link is showing inactive to me.

Hi… yes it expired. Try this.

Thanks It worked

I am a bit confused - was the 1-st lesson changed?

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Yes I re-recorded lesson 1.


So this course is no longer of any use then http://course.fast.ai/

‘Practical Deep Learning for Coders Part-1’