Voila not working on Paperspace Notebooks?

Hello, I cannot get Voila to work with the paperspace notebooks. Is this something we need a full VM for or am I missing a step on how we are supposed to do it? The video made it seem like we just replace the URL with the Voila counterpart and it would work, but I am not seeing that. Is there a guide on how to get it to work?



Actually, its not as easy as it seems. Check this link for more info: Deploying your notebook as an app under 10 minutes

Although Butch from our study group put a nice guide here: https://github.com/butchland/fastai-binder-app-template

Basically you have to export your learning model to export.pkl file and download this, along with your minimal version of your notebook (details in above link)

Then you have to push this to a new repo in github and get it working via binder.

Hope that helps


Thanks a ton for the info!