UTC +2 Online Study Group

Hi guys. Let’s start a study group for people that live in places where it is not possible to form an in-person study group.
I created a Slack channel fastai-plus-2.slack.com
(here is the invite link).

We discuss daily in Slack, share findings, tips and links and gather once a week via Google Hangouts.

  • Christoffer, Pietarsaari, Finland
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Sounds good, I joined the slack channel :slight_smile:

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@melonkernel Thanks for creating the slack channel!
I will join once I am on my laptop :slight_smile:
We can also use discord for discussions, I find it works well in such cases.

I hope more people join us though, it seems we are a few here :eyes:

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I’m in Finland.

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Hello Everyone, I’m in Switzerland. I will join up on the slack channel, later today. Thanks!

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Hi, I launched a discussion thread on fastai study groups to gather feedback from organizers and participants to identify best practices and avoid some gaps.

You will find more information in this post. Thank you if you can take a few minutes to participate in the discussion :slight_smile: