ULMFiT - French

(Thomas Chambon) #22

I have pushed on github the movie reviews classifier notebook as well as the weights/vocab of the french LM.
You can download it from here: https://github.com/tchambon/deepfrench

Still waiting for an answer of DEFT competition people to confirm the very good results (new SOTA) on the 4 labels tweets classification.

(Vintila Claudiu) #23

Thank you for sharing! :blush:

(Waleed) #24

Good Work!

Could you give us more information about the imdb-like french movie review dataset?

(Thomas Chambon) #25

The website is named Allocine, I took the data using web scraping.

(Bruno Seznec) #26


Trying to adapt imdb notebook , (fastai v0.7) to use pretrained
but I get this error

KeyError: ‘unexpected key “0.encoder_dp.emb.weight” in state_dict’

on the other hand fastai v1 , I get also an error

Thanks for any hint