Transforming images to look like paintings

I have finished part 1. And in lesson 7, Jeremy talk about the possibilities on GAN’s and he mentions making photos look like Monet paintings. I thought this would be a fun project, so i decided to be slightly original, and make something that makes paintings look like Van Gogh paintings.

I am using this small dataset:

So the idea is to make something that can take any picture and make it look like it is a Van Gogh painting.

The only thing is that I am getting a little bit stuck here in the beginning. I would actually like to use feature loss, but I don’t think i can with this kind of problem. I don’t really have a Van Gogh and not Van Gogh version of my pictures.

Could i get a few pointer as to what would be a good starting point?

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I would start by look at the 2018 Lesson 13:

I think the topic was covered very well in 2018 and I look forward to see how it will be covered in 2020.

Sylvain did an awesome blog post on this topic:

His notebook is here:

Neural Style Transfer is what you are looking for.
We extensively treated it in this thread Fast Style Transfer in fastai v1


Thank you so much guys. I was hoping there was a later lecture that touched on it. Thank you for the resources and thank you for the thread link.