Timeline, abbreviations, timings for Videos

I will add these timelines to wiki after the course is done and I have finalized these. But till then I am just putting a link to the google spreadsheet here so that everyone can access these. I usually watch videos after downloading them so these are not links to youtube but just the time but I think still useful and I guess creating links to youtube will be simple at the end given that all the timeline data is structured.

Check the timeline sheet for timelines. The abbreviations sheet will contain abbreviations probably by end of tomorrow. I am catching up.


Thanks! Yes a youtube link would be easy to add with a little spreadsheet formula. See the timelines that @EricPB has done to see how they work.

Here’s a link for Part 1 V2.

And the ML1.


Don’t tell anyone @anshbansal about this secret but building a Complete Collection of Video Timelines for Fast.ai -and posting it outside- is probably the best way to get the badge “Great Share” (aka a link shared by 1,000 outside visitors).
It’s a pretty private club :sunglasses: cc @jeremy


I am going to make these timelines any ways. That’s just the way I study. But thanks for the tip.

I was kidding about the “Great Share” badge :yum:

Just like you, I found that watching the videos during the second pass (1st I watch them “as is”, then I really get into them in a 2nd pass), while taking notes and recording the timelines, is a great way to study + get the content into my brain. “Learn to learn” is a great free course on Coursera in that regard.

Plus it’s very cool/neat to have the timelines available in one single page/post, as it enables keyword search for later revisits and/or sharing a precise point with colleagues/friends/yourself.


Dunno about you lot, but I’m only here for the badges…


Great work anshbansal. Our saviour, EricPB is back :smile: The timeline + abbreviations + short summary are really useful. Many thanks.