The File_Deleter Widget


Has anyone managed to run The File_Deleter Widget in Google Colaboratory? I get disconnected when i run it and after that when it reconnects this cell will run indefinitely.

I don’t think widgets work on colab AFAIK

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ipywidgets is not supported due to the security model colab uses.

Colab has a set of its own widgets but no way of running custom ones.


So is there a workaround this then? I m having this same issue.

As Jeremy said, Colab doesn’t support widgets. You can find the request thread for support of them here.

I was wondering: on which platforms does the widget work? I tried to use it in kaggle and floydhub… none of them is working. I want to try it :slight_smile:

So what is the preferred way, delete inappropriate images,
For those who use Colaboratory.

Move to Google Drive, view and delete there and then move back.

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Hey , but how do we know which images to delete in the first place? like going to google drive all the images are in their respective folders, I could get the indexes from top loses but dont know how to proceed from there
Thanks in advance

Good point! i someone posted to create a local jupyter environment and connect it to your google drive.Take a look:Image cleaner widget breaks google colaboratory?

Not sure about the details, about to do it myself. If you already resolve this issue, what did you do?

I have a ClassConfusion widget that works in Colab that if you plot the most confused for x and y classes, it’ll lay out exactly what their image files are named.