Study Group in Vancouver, BC

Hi Amir! Nice to see you here. I’m not organizing this group, but Paul who’s doing that cannot post in this forum yet. He should get an access in the next couple of days. I believe, you were at the last meetup and expressed your interest there, so you should be on Paul’s list. If not please let me know and I’ll send you a link for the registration.

Hi Alexey, I am new to Vancouver, great to see a community exists in the city.

Hello Alexey,

Yes, I got an email from Paul, regarding the live course, he had floated a survey link to gauge the interest of people and keep track of how many people are interested, Im guessing we will get an email closer to 22nd Oct once he has figured it out!

@vettukal Hi Vincent. Welcome to Vancouver! There is a quite large DS community and we had a learning group to go through v.1 course last year. Join Data Science Vancouver meetups and come to our events.

@gaurangswarge Hi Gaurang. That’s great. Hope to see you there!

@benfred @vitaliy Hi Ben and Vitaliy, I saw your introductions in the common thread. You are welcome to join as well!

Hey, that you for inviting me! I guess meetup is a very good idea.

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Thanks Alexey! I can’t make it to the meetup this week, but will keep an eye on future ones


For those interested in meeting in-person as a group in Vancouver here is a link to sign up:

Space is limited, so it will be first come first serve. I will get in touch with all those who filled in the form closer to the date with more details.


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Thanks @Paul.S for organizing the meet ups. Are the dates confirmed? Perhaps we could post them here and pin on top so people know where to find them.

Hey All,

I’m also based in Vancouver and will be taking the course with my three colleagues. I’ve got a little one so I won’t be able to make most meetups but i’ll try to make one or two to connect with the other deep learning aficionados in Vancouver. This is my third run through, but I’m excited to see the changes to the library and to dive into V1.



This came up in today’s Kaggle Meetup, while speaking with Paul and Mat.
It’s best that you set up your environment before the first lecture (Monday), so once the lecture starts you can focus on the course itself instead of spending time to figure out the logistics.
This forum post provides instructions on how to set up your environment on AWS and install the libraries. I can offer assistance if you have issues getting your environment set up on AWS.
Note that AWS is not the cheapest option. You can find additional information about the cheaper options (Salaander and Paperspace) on the same forum page.


Hi everyone, looking forward to this group.

Hi Alexey,

This is Angela, we met last week during the meet up. (I’m one of Even’s colleagues:) I’m interested in attending study groups and I look forward to connecting with y’all.

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Hi! It was great meeting all of you yesterday! Thanks to @Paul.S for organizing this. Let’s keep it going!

For the people who missed the session yesterday, please join our Slack channel at Vantech #fastai_live
BTW if you are part of other study groups in Vancouver feel free to join the channel as well.

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Hi everyone,

Excited to be here.


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Hi Nasim,

We are hosting a group of us at Central 1 tonight. If you would like to join us tonight or future courses please register here: . The cutoff for registration tonight is 1pm as I will be leaving on a flight and will not be able to send any names to our security so that you can access the building after that.



Thanks Paul, I would like to attend in person but it is a bit far for me and today I don’t have a car. I’d like to keep in touch with the Vancouver folks to transfer knowledge though.


Hello, I started a discussion thread on fastai study groups to gather feedbacks from the organizers and participants in order to list the best practices and also to avoid some gaps.

More information in this post. Thank you if you can take a few minutes to participate in the discussion :slight_smile:

I’m currently going through the course right now if anyone wants to form a study group.

Hi, I’m from Vancouver and would be interested in participating in a Study Group. Please let me know if you have one ongoing - if not, I would be happy to help organize it.

Thanks - Cheers - Geoff

Hi Geoffrey,
We had a study group for both versions of the course. The last one we had last year with live video stream while the course was running in SF. I’m pretty sure we will have another one when they introduce v2 framework. I believe it’s going to be early next year, but in a meantime please join Data Science Vancouver meetup group. It’s very active community and our next event will be on Wednesday next week. Please check website for more details.