Study Group in Toronto / GTA area

Let’s do a series of meetups for the upcoming 2nd course if possible like the one done last October?.

I’d suggest meeting 1 hour in advance before the lecture starts so people can discuss last week’s lecture and their progress on it, then watch the streaming lecture without being distracted by conversation or trying to code along.

Anyone still doing this in the GTA?

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Not sure tbh. @shoof did the meetups for v3 last year when the course was being offered. I was hoping we could do something like this for part 2 of deep learning when it starts mid march this year.

I was hoping to find a place for the course to refresh part 1 first but got too busy to do it. If anyone could help with finding a space with a projector I’d be grateful for that. Watching the videos together though could be too difficult and lengthy as we have to discuss at a different time in the same week.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to such a room this term. I’m open to any kind of format, mainly I would be interested in just discussing lectures if that’s the way it goes. Since you already ran sessions for DL1V3 , I’ll trust your judgement on what’s the best way to move forward… I just suggested it because i thought that’s how the previous sessions went.

Hello, I just started a discussion thread on fastai study groups to gather feedbacks from the organizers + participants in order to list the best practices and to avoid some gaps.

More information in this post. Thank you if you can take a few minutes to participate in the discussion :slight_smile:

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Hello Toronto!

I just moved to your awesome city and I am interested to get a focused group of people together for periodic meetups and support.

Its a great time for that with the V2 library coming online - we could review Jeremy’s video walk-throughs or try porting some v1 code as an exercise.

I’m relatively familiar with the V1 library having used it for this work with @jeremy and Uri Manor and Lynn Fang at the Salk Institute (more info on that experience which was fun below)

I can probably arrange space (maybe food and drink if that would help with critical mass :smiley:)

If anyone is interested in getting together for coding / learning sessions hit me up!

I’m interested!

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That’s great! I’ll message you directly tomorrow to follow up on location, time etc.

@313V note that not everyone has notifications on for replies, so you might want to at-mention the folks from earlier in the thread to make sure no-one misses out! :slight_smile:


Good idea thanks! @pierreguillou @mike.moloch @shoof @avinregmi

@313V Awesome! I’ll be back in Toronto next week (Sep 22nd) and I’ve run a study group last fall here and we should definitely talk! If you are able to get the rooms booked we can even start as early as the same week when I come back. I’ve already gathered lots of interest (20+ ppl) from the meetup group but was just out of the city most of the summer and couldn’t find volunteers to put it together.


@shoof sounds great! lets meet for coffee or something when you are back and figure out a good way to get started. It sounds like you have a lot more experience than me at putting something like this together whch is great. @matwong also expressed interest and @maxim.pechyonkin is in toronto now too and might also be interested.

I am definitely interested! Count me in. We can even do discussions of code walkthroughs of the v2 of the library, or any other related topic :smiley:

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good idea @maxim.pechyonkin - i should be caught up on all videos by todays lesson.
maybe we could all try porting a v1 project to v2? We could each bring something we have laying around or work on something as group to donate as an example.

I have some multi-frame microscopy stuff that might be a good example because its a non-standard datatype

just started watching the last lesson and i notice RAPIDS integration, it would be fun to play with that too

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Awesome idea about the microscopy data! @maxim.pechyonkin I’m also happy to discuss whatever I learned but mostly I need to go through v2 myself!


I’m also located in Toronto and would be interested in attending. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for willing to organize this, count me in! let’s get this party started! :slight_smile:

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Hey toronto fastai people!

we (@shoof @maxim.pechyonkin and @313V ) are hosting an informal meetup this saturday (oct 5th). I think the initial topic is going to be getting familiar with the new v2 fastai library and also to get a feel for what everyone would like to get out of a group like this and when good times to meet are. I have applied v2 to a recent kaggle competition - we could collaborate on that as team for fun if people are into it. I can talk about using fastai with the stuff i did for - i’m sure you all have interesting things you are doing - should be fun.

I know this Saturday is short notice. The space we are using for this meeting is about a 1 minute walk from Yonge and Elginton in midtown because I can get it for free on a pretty regular basis - so 'm sure we can do this again on different days and times.

We have space for about 12 people and roughly 4 coming so far - and i think @shoof knows a bunch of people that he’s going to invite too - @JoshVarty, @mike.moloch are you guys interested? Let me know and I’ll shoot you more details.

i’d be happy to spring for pizza or some other lunch people are into since its right at noon.