Study Group in Indianapolis area

I think at this time I am just doing it through email or this forum.

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I am nearby Indianapolis in Lafayette.

I live in the northern suburbs of Indy. So, now you know about two others.

Are you guys interested in starting a local study group, virtual, or just email threads to help each other?

I wouldn’t be able to stand up to a commitment to meet on a regular basis. I figure I will contribute through the forums where possible.

let’s do local study group, how about saturday or sunday at local library, Fishers?

Sounds like a good idea danny. I am at Carmel and would love to join in

any time/day which work for all of us? Saturday at 10 am at Fishers Public library? i would like to know how many would be interested?

Works for me. I hope Fishers Public Library has a guest wifi connection. We may have to use google a lot :wink:

yes, they have free wifi just like in carmel library.

i am planning to come tomorrow. anybody else coming?

OK hope to see you at the library today. do you guys also want to set up virtual study group through slack or something?

Hi Sam are you in the library?

I’d like to participate in a virtual or slack group b/c I can fit it into my schedule.

slack fastAI Indy Group chat:

Hello, I started a discussion thread on fastai study groups to gather feedbacks from the organizers and participants in order to list the best practices and also to avoid some gaps.

You will find more information in this post. Thank you if you can take a few minutes to participate in the discussion :slight_smile: