Study Group in China

Would anyone be interested in forming a study group in China?
I created a QQ group to facilitate timely communication , QQ学习小组:743495912

Slack Group:[ ]

see you soon!


slack may be another option if many people don’t use QQ.

I am willing to join but I cannot use QQ unfortunately. Slack is a good option and also there is a Telegram channel for the same time zone (UTC+8), but not only exclusive for China.

Hi would a wechat group be more convenient?

@CrazyTensor @maxim.pechyonkin
Thanks, slack is rarely used in China, let me see how to use it now.
I find @nok creak a slack group, we can join this .
[ ]

I see, but the benefit of Slack is that you can create channels for each lesson, I think this keep the discussion more tidy for revision later. Wechat/telegram may good for real time discussion only?

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Yep agree with @nok, Wechat is convenient also for real-time discussion, I got connected to 1 guy in Shanghai and another one in (forget the city) via forum v2 last time, and we keep contact until now.
Wechat group is a great idea, oh, anyway, I’m Arib, currently living in Shanghai, my Wechat ID and my forum ID is same, ahmadarib :smiley:
Nice to know you all guys.


How about us all joining the Slack group of UTC+8 time zone? If any of us want to establish more personal connection with each other, we can privately message each other in Slack. WeChat and QQ is great for personal communication, but Slack’s tailored features for workforce provides a much more productive environment for a study group.

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Got it, already joined Slack group, see you guys later on.

Hi, glad to meet you guys , how’s the study group working? Which software should we use to talk.

Hello, I’ve just launched a topic on fastai study groups to gather feedbacks from the organizers and participants in order to list the best practices and also to avoid some gaps.

More information in this post. Thank you if you have a few minutes to participate in the discussion :slight_smile:

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In case there are people interested in using Wechat, please add me: thetaooflife. I can get you into the Wechat discussion group.

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Hello everyone. Is this group still active. I would love to join